The philosophy of KHS Auditors

Whereas large businesses employ entire departments and committees to make decisions, mid-size companies generally have to make their decisions alone. Alternatively, they may seek external advice and come to us - we deliver knowledge, experience, and advice in decision making.

The inter-disciplinary teamwork of competent auditors, tax consultants and lawyers is one of the great strengths of KHS. However, the philosophy of our business embraces more than just providing reliable sets of figures. We see ourselves metaphorically as pilots, who lead our clients – many of whom are mid-size entrepreneurs– around the challenges of our commercial law system.

The constant exploration of our client’s goals has lead to a culture of consultancy recognized as entrepreneurial. As entrepreneurs we do not automatically choose the easiest path, but we are aware of the fact that risks can be very well rewarded. We individually assess the opportunities and risks of our clients’ businesses, and we are absolutely determined when it comes to keeping their interests in mind.

For us, loyalty to our clients is an indispensable foundation for efficient business. We do not see ourselves merely as an organ of implementation, but rather as a critical companion and constructive partner. Indeed we expect the same in return from our clients, as it is only in this way that a partnership can be successful.

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